about us

Founded in 1912, Gebran Geahchan & Sons SAL is Lebanon’s leading distributor for toys & baby items, and owns one of the most prestigious retail chain & online store in the country: Chez Les Petits.

With a strong portfolio made out of some of the world’s top brands, our company exclusively imports, distributes and sells extraordinary baby items, toys, playground toys, collectible figurines, and bicycles for children and grown ups.

It all started with our great grandfather, Gebran Geahchan, who founded a company in his name in 1912, specialized in manufacturing and selling luxury parts for horse drawn carriages, that were quite popular at the time. Gebran Geahchan’s two sons have successfully expanded the family business over the years to a toy, bicycle & baby care store, and in 1943 renamed the company to Gebran Geahchan & Sons.

Today, the company is being run by the 3rd and 4th family generations and occupies a special place in the heart of our dear customers.